Thomas the Dank Engine


Thomas the Dank Engine it's a very dank illuminati MLG locomotive Scoper in the Universe


The dank Illuminati MLG locomotive Scoper born when the God Doge was creating a very dank scoper which the most important element was Weed, then doge created this dank locomotive!

Illuminati Memebership

Thomas is also famous for being the 5th most important Illuminati Member, he has the triangule of the Illuminati on his wheel, he win the membership after studying Illuminist ideas


He is also a very dank scoper, he in total quickscoped 1783927189 scrubs, noscoped 1873291 scrubs, he can also do the rarest 360 scops, wich killed 3125 scrubs with this


He smokes weed everyday like Snoop Dogg