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Random City is an American Enclave in the middle of Netherlands. It`s apart of the state of California (The only decent US state) .


Random City was originally a Roman town called Deformis Opidum. It was where a scientist named Newton Toilets invented the Roman toilets. When the Roman Empire died, there were a few more random kingdoms but then it was ruled by the Holy Roman Empire of Two Headed Bird People and then the Spanish and then it was in Netherlands.

​During the end of World War 2 when 3rd Reich occupied Netherlands, the Americans invaded and restored the Netherlands, as a reward they could keep a village named domme stad. In the 1960s capitalists build it into a city and renamed it (Even though 99% of the population of Random City are communist nowdays). Today the Party for Neighbourly Love, Freedom, and Diversity is the most popular party there. In 1988 the Goverment have built Area 61 there rumour has it.


Random City Limits
This is a map of Random City, more streets will be added soon.


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Buildings & Shops

Opal Lane

  • Opal's Gem Shop
  • Meme, Inc.

Belarus Lane

Shitpost Palace

Bankbribe Lane

Companion Cube Lane

Homo Lane

Dying Horse Road

Silver Street

Grumpy-Dog Lane

Airport Road

  • Random International Airport (RJA)

Random Shopping Centre

The Countryside