The titual charechter

Plenbull is a interwebs maymay that was formed in 1969 by ex-pepe meemer Dr.FalconPunch. It focuses on the countrys of the worldz and hows they can reacts.

Comic Info

Plenbull Comic 1

The Plenbull comics usually involve Plenbull and the other countrys of the world, like Yooknighted Kkkingdombull and Allahuackbarbull. Plenbull is usually very nieve and gits rekt by Royzziabull in a lot of comics. He is also a fucking retard and eats a lot of Pyrogi with his friends GetStonediabull and CrazyFuckingCatholicItalianbull.

Comic 1: Here in the Western World

Plenbull wonders the warld and meets Cheeseburgerbull. Cheeseburgerbull teaches Plenbull a few things.

Comic 2: Cottagelandbull Forevor


Planbull meats cottagelandbull and asks him out for some trinkes.

Other comics