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The Great Co. Wars was an event in 2021 where companies like Nintendo, Rorvelsoft, Rorsoft Valve, Blizzard (not Activision), Sony, ███ ██████████ and Microsoft (Called Rortenveltysoft team) teamed up to rival against Apple, EA, Activision, Nickelodeon and Rovio out of business, Eventually driving them out of business. The Rortenveltysoft team supported the Original Coming of Chuck Norris in 2024 and the First Alien Contact in 2022.

Products by the Rortenveltysoft Team

  • Puybix 4k - Was released in 2021 and it was a succesor of the Ps4, Xbox One and the Wii Z, It fully supports 4k graphics and it ended up selling 85 million units worldwide. It's architecture is similar to that of the Wii U and Z; It is backwards compatable with the Wii, Wii U, Wii Z and the Xbox One. It's software is Windows 101 but it was later changed to Windows Z.
  • Windows Z (NT 12.0) - Succesor to Windows 101, came out in 2023
  • Spyro: A hero's tail and Spyro: Enter the dragonfly retold - Sold as a bundle in 2021 for the Puybix 4k and it is the sequel to the Spyro 3, 2 and 1 remakes.
  • New Super Mario Bros 4k - 2021 for the Wii Z and Puybix 4k, 2nd mario game with a full storyline after Super Mario Galaxy 3 and it sold 24 million copies worldwide as it was bundled with the system.
  • DSVita - Handheld system which was released in 2025 to succeed the Nintendo Phone. It is backwards compatible with the Nintendo Phone's Online Store and it has the Windows Marketplace. Like the Nintendo Phone, it was sold without a sim card.
  • Portal 3; released in 2025 for the Puybix.